What's being done, who is doing what

Hi All!

I’ve been trying to find out a place where I get the following information:

  1. Which projects are being built by community members right now and the Maker Foundation?
  2. Where can I help the best given my own (and my team) current skill set and interest?
  3. Who is doing what?

I’ve tried to find this information going through the repos of MakerDAO. There are 215 repositories there! That’s going to be a no so easy task.

Went to the new community portal, found all the content guidelines very good work being done there BTW!, but still didn’t find out what I wanted to know.

I have pending checking all the MIPS (probably I’ll not find that info there, but I have to check it anyway, probably a very important step to learn more about all the different things in the pipeline since I’ve read a lot in the forum but not get that deep into all the processes).

Maybe I’m not looking in the right place (and maybe I’ll find it for myself with more time, but asking will not damage I hope); therefore I ask what is for me a very important question and will provide me immediately the information I’m looking for:

Is there a place where are listed (in a user friendly way, not 215 repositories in Github) all the projects the community (including the Maker Foundation) is working on?

Thank you very much in advance to who went through this post and could give me some hints!


It’s meant to be obscure. Also the finances…

@smaugho hey can you build a Community Gasless Wallet for DAI? I think some had tried but gave up/or, not sure what happened. https://github.com/mosendo/gasless

You can apply for Grants (for the Gasless Wallet) and get more info. on what others are working on by reaching out to @amyjung

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That’s a missing piece. I can’t even answer the who part of the question. It’s decentralized :slight_smile:

Maybe we can do something simple like a spreadsheet (see below). But how to manage that, I’m clueless.


#gov-initiative shows some (but not all) of the working groups.

Thank’s all for getting back with info in this regard.

I’ve been thinking a little in what to do first, and finding out that creating tools for organizing our information further is quite an interesting start point, with time maybe start getting “deeper” in more core functionalities. Got a request that maybe I could help visualizing the MIPs, I guess that already is going to be useful.

Automating it will be challenging, but I wonder if we could create some rules that hopefully our fellow developers will follow (when it comes down to code on GitHub for instance).

Some applications are listed in the ecosystem page, something similar could be used to showcase not only what’s done (and where it is hosted), also what’s being done. Something like:

  1. Listing different projects (having possibility for filtering, maybe highlight or feature some projects, and keeping the link to the project)
  2. Having status for those projects (in progress, published, beta… something like that).
  3. Having a description (detail page) for those projects
  4. Providing in those details what it is, and who is working in (links to repo, description, …).

Then we have to solve how to automate that listing. An idea which could work is to use something like GHArchive, and keep scanning for some specific set of rules in the repos on Github (ie. inclusion of some specific tag). Ie. projects which have a commit with tag: “makerdao-project” will be scanned (structure of the README.MD), if following certain set of rules then it’ll be including automatically in our listing (it could have an approval process or not).

This structure to be followed could provide a could be a clear description about what is the project about, who is working there, project logo and others.

The page could be included in our “ecosystem” or our new community portal, and it’ll be a very valuable resource for who wants to cooperate, know what is being built, where to find it (published and repository to contribute as well).

If somebody (like me) is trying to find out where to help, that would be a good starting point. If somebody is navigating a page, or using one of our related pages / apps and wants to fix something (and this page doesn’t include the link to Github for instance), he could find information about it there easily.

Well not sure if this would be the best solution, but it could be a start for organizing what we have “distributed” in a single place.