Why does a linked wallet not receive any IOU even though the documentation says it should?

I linked a hot and cold wallet for delegated voting on vote.makerdao.com. I was expecting to approve() the IOU token and then receive them at some point (so that I can redeem my MKR from the governance contract, I believe). The docs say I should have at least called approve(). However, I performed no transaction that had anything to do with IOU.

There was a small issue with the linking of the wallets that forced a refresh of the page (I was unable to click next after the MKR approve() took ~10 min). When I did this, I had to finish the link flow from the home page by clicking “Top Up”.

Anyway, I am able to deposit, withdraw, and vote just fine, so it looks like I may not need the IOU tokens. Am I supposed to at least have a balanceOf() of these tokens? If so, why do I see 0 when I call balanceOf() my cold and hot wallets?

If there are no IOU tokens for linked wallets, why not? And can the documentation be updated to reflect accordingly.

Thank you.

If I remember correctly, IOU’s live in your VoteProxy contract when you’re using the hot-cold system. Maybe check that?

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You are correct, thank you! Logically, that makes sense.

I looked through all transactions and it appears as though there is no IOU approval (I may be wrong!). I can go through the flow again and verify, but if there is no IOU approve() step, what is the best way to go about helping update the docs?

As an update, I found the approval.

It appears as though IOUs are approved for Proxy Contracts during the approveLink(address cold) call.

Given this information, as well as my recent tests, it does appear that the docs are wrong. The docs state 5 separate transactions but there really are only 4. Given this, is it possible for a community member to update the documentation here? If not, I will try to reach out to team members to get this updated. Thanks!