Working Group: Autonomous MakerDAO - Closed

Where We Started

Eight months ago, a few DAO members launched a working group to focus on driving toward a more autonomous organization. (Original post)

Some key objectives included:

  • Decentralize Domain Teams’ work.
  • Secure income from the Maker Protocol to ensure funding of continued operations.
  • Maintain and develop Maker Governance integrity.
  • Attract, onboard, and develop domain teams and individual actors working for the DAO.
  • Map a DAO operating infrastructure.


Over time, 5 members became mandated as Facilitators (@primoz, @hexonaut, @amyjung, @juanjuan, @sebventures) and the members list expanded with @ultraschuppi, @layerzero, @williamr, @elihu, @anna.

By focusing on the mid-term challenges of decentralization, this group was able to serve as an incubator for DAO spirit and action. Since the last update in November, members of the working group collaborated on a wide scope of initiatives:

What We Learned

While the group started with objectives now considered complete, we realized the working group also served a few purposes:

  • A recurring, regular meeting was useful for coordinating and connecting DAO members across various projects.
  • The group was useful for live feedback and questions about works in progress (ex: MIPs).
  • We were able to surface short to medium term challenges of the DAO and discuss other needs.
  • The group was a place for eager contributors looking to get more involved and participate in high impact contributions.

What’s Next

While this working group is coming to an end, @prose11 and @anna will be starting a new group with refreshed intentions. Details coming soon!


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