Working Group: Autonomous MakerDAO - Update

In September, a small working group formed to focus on medium-term initiatives that further develop MakerDAO as an autonomous organization. Since then, the group has added @SamM to the working group and updated a few objectives:

  1. Decentralize Domain Teams’ work.
  2. Secure income from the Maker Protocol to ensure funding of continued operations.
  3. Maintain and develop Maker Governance integrity.
  4. Attract, onboard, and develop domain teams and individual actors working for the DAO.
  5. Map a DAO operating infrastructure.

Current Progress

The progress of the work on the objectives are tracked in this document. Some key highlights in the past 2 months:

What’s Next?

  • Initiatives for onboarding more contributors
  • Developing a MIPs Portal
  • Improvements to the governance experience
  • Get domain teams and contributors paid by the protocol using MIP14
  • Operating structure for individuals and teams working for the DAO
  • Building a DAO Roadmap



This is awesome! I’m curious if I’d be any help to the working group. The team is clearly miles ahead of my understanding of the coding and technical implications, but as a writer with some management experience I imagine I might be able to lighten some of the administrative work in order to help you all focus on all the technical hurdles. No worries if there’s no fit for me yet, I plan to be around for the long haul and my DMs are always open. Cheers, and thanks again for all the time and effort you all have put in!


I just requested access to the progress document and would be interested in supporting the work of this team.

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If you’re both on rocket chat message me your handles (@LongForWisdom) and I’ll add you to the group chat and docs. I’m sure we can find something useful for you to do.


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