Working Group: Autonomous MakerDAO

Working Group: Autonomous MakerDAO

What is happening?

Recently a group of us moved casual discussions into regular meetings focused on moving towards MakerDAO initiatives as a more autonomous organization.

This initiative is an effort to help ensure Maker’s success in playing a leading role in the DeFi (and wider) space. This group is focused on the medium term (6-12 months).

Current priorities include:

  • Protocol resilience, scalability & security (Onboard enough collateral that lack of DAI supply is not a limiting factor on growth.)

  • Attracting, onboarding, and developing domain teams and individual actors working for the DAO.

  • Developing shared domain processes to further promote knowledge sharing

  • Mapping a barebones operating infrastructure and ensuring that the Maker Protocol is receiving enough income to fund continued operations.

Why is it happening?

Our key motivations include:

  • Further decentralization of Maker, reducing reliance on the Foundation infrastructure

  • Addressing the community’s frustrations around the current pace of improvements and advancements

  • Staying proactive during recent DeFi activity

Who is involved?

@Primoz, @amyjung, and @LongForWisdom have been involved since inception. @SebVentures and @juanjuan have also joined the working group. There is hope to include other members of the community that have shown they can reliably and consistently dedicate time and attention to Maker.

When should we expect results?

Hopefully as soon as the end of the month! Some aspects of the initiative are already public, such as @Primoz’s post regarding stability fees and @LongForWisdom’s domain structure MIP. We want to include MIPs in the next couple of governance cycles that move Maker further towards these stated aims.


This working group is now closed. Details on this post: Working Group: Autonomous MakerDAO - Closed