Would you like to be interviewed about MakerDAO / A MakerDAO eBook

Hello everyone! As you might have noticed I’m pretty new to the scene over here at Maker, but what can I say, it’s truly been one of those eye-opening rabbit holes that makes my brain fire off in every direction. I think the story of Maker is one of intrigue, innovation, and struggle. With my background (creative writing minor and journalism experience in and out of college), I realized I definitely have the tools to try to tell the story of MakerDAO and I think it’s something people would love to hear about.

I don’t know what makes the most sense at this point, but I know whether I pursue this project by myself or on behalf of the community I will need to conduct some interviews. Obviously, I would love to hear from some of the Core Team members who can tell the internal story, but I also think any member of this forum will have unique insight as to what they saw in Maker and how they’ve experienced its evolution.

So first step: is anyone reading this willing to arrange a time to answer some questions? COVID obviously dictates no in-person interviews, but I’d be happy to conduct them over Zoom, phone, or even just emailing you a list of questions (though I do find we’ll get to some more interesting stories with some real time interaction). My hope is project will get enough response to turn into a decent sized eBook and if there is community/foundation support I’d be happy to do the project under their patronage.

Is this a good or even new idea? Let me know if you have thoughts, stories, or even some places to start research (I read Zandy’s Story last night, talk about drama). It’s so neat to be apart of something still so new and fresh and I think if more people knew about Maker we’d have the USDC market-cap eating our dust [some pun intended].


Hi @prose11 , welcome to the community :slight_smile:

First of all, I want to say that you absolutely should focus on interviewing the community over the Foundation. Since Dai launched, the community has been running the Protocol, and they can give you the true first-hand experiences of what this journey has been like.

For within the Foundation, feel free to shoot me an email and I can connect you with the relevant parties - [email protected]


Awesome thanks @g_dip! Shooting you an email now. That makes a lot of sense from what I’ve read and seen so I’m glad I’m at least starting off down the right path.


You can find the story that @Mariano_Conti published(?) in Unchained (the podcast). I think that’s a really good starting point:

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Quick thought: series of graphic novels telling the story. It’d be weird to see that on paper, tbh, but sweet.


Como una novela? :upside_down_face:

“Dos Maker, un Camino”


Hmm, maybe “amarte es mi pecado”, jajaja.

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Wow @juan I finally had a chance to listen to this and it is truly a wonderful essay. These are the exactly the type of testimonials I was envisioning having when the idea for this project popped in my head. I don’t know if you have any interest in telling your own story with Maker, but if so I’d love to hear it. And additionally any other content you recommend would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for engaging on this topic and making the Maker Community so welcoming and positive.

Now we’re talking @Bri174 ! Know any visual artists? I’m always down to collaborate and can definitely hold up the written part of such a project, but my graphic design skills were mediocre at best when I was fooling around with them about a decade ago. Do you have a story you’d like to share about your experience or maybe know someone who would? Same goes for you @ElProgreso you’ve been super supportive of me engaging with this community and seem to have thought pretty deeply about the issues at hand for the DAO. I’m willing to digitally meet you where ever you’re at whether it’s sending over some basic questions that won’t take you too long to fill out or trying to find a time and platform that works to converse in real-time!

Hi Prose, I think the best thing to do is ping Greg and he can set up you up with the Foundation’s comms team. I’m sure they’d help you.

Sadly, I don’t have any good graphic novel/design contacts. When I made the comment, I was thinking of how would Neal Gaimen tell the Maker story, which would be cool.


Hey @prose11, Sounds like a great idea and glad to see a lot of positive feedback already! There’s an amazing artist in the community who did all of our illustrations for Community Development portal. The portal is also a good way to learn more about MakerDAO in general, as it’s a resource built by and for the contributors of the maker community.


@Bri174 yes Greg has been awesome and has already put me in touch Mike from the foundation, waiting to hear back from him! And I totally agree, that idea would do a lot more to market Maker, where my idea is just telling a cool story that would hopefully still draw people in. I do know a few visual artists myself, but none of them are much into the crypto space (yet :smiley:). I’ll see what I can do on that front.

@Anna thanks so much for all the work you do, it’s crazy to go from seeing you talk about things on a YouTube video to having you engage with my ideas in the forum, go DAO! My objective was to tell the Maker story, and the suggestion of a graphic series is so smart in terms of making something people not too familiar with crypto could actually engage with. I’m thinking it does make more sense to go through the Community Development Portal and see if this is something the community wants to support, and if not, no worries as it’s a great story I’d still be pursuing on my own anyway. I’ll poke around the portal today and see where I get!


How’s it going forum? I’m in touch with some great people over at the foundation, but I have only managed to book one community interview so far. Would anyone be willing to have some questions sent to you in a DM? Would take maybe 5-10 minutes to answer and respond and would be a great help to me. I know it’s a busy week over here so if you need a break from the stress why not take a trip down memory lane and talk a little bit about your introduction to Maker?