Wrapped DAI from Matic .mainnet sent to unsupported wallet -How to get back my dai

Hello All,
Need urgent help or advise, I made dai transaction from matic.mainnet using metamask wallet to nexo.io wallet, where i found out they don’t support wrapped ERC-20 pegged and its not showing on their wallet,
trx hash -0x0365af535b947df512aac9075924badaeae96b56815f61092cb8788a2d03e4aa and contract address - 0x8f3cf7ad23cd3cadbd9735aff958023239c6a063 its large amount in stake.
Could you please tell me if there is a way to get those ERC20 tokens back? Maybe using the read & write features of Etherscan? or solutions/approach i can use.
I am very sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate any help.


Have you tried contacting nexo.io’s Customer Support? If they received the tokens in one of their wallets, they might be able to return them.

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you can contact support directly, they will surely solve your case, I know Binance helps to solve these problems, I don’t know if nexo does the same.

And send them exactly this TX from Polyscan and explaining everything in detail.

Yes! reached out to Next.io 5 times via chat and tickets…they can’t help as its pegged DAI asset sent from Matic network which they don’t’ support… only support ERC-20 asset.

DAI is in their custodial wallet… Not sure which team can support or is there any other option to get back my DAI using tools…

Any advise?

Unfortunately, as it’s in their custodial wallet, only they can help you retrieve it :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

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They have the private keys to the wallet you sent it to, they are the only ones who can help you, sorry bro.

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