xDAI the solution for cost-effective adoption of DAI?

With the recent increase of network fees on Ethereum, many common day-to-day users, it becomes impossible to use DAI ERC-20, many users in the DAI Venezuela Telegram group, have been given the task of slowly migrating to use this sidechain that natively uses DAI as their network currency.

We understand, the common user suffers before the monstrous gas commissions. Do you think this is the solution for common users?


In my opinion yes, if your goal is to buy and hold (and/or send/receive) DAI.

Also, have a look at this:

There is now this convenient exchange to convert fiat to xDAI (and viceversa).

EDIT: see also this other Fiat-xDai gateway : https://www.xdaichain.com/for-users/buying-xdai-with-fiat/ramp-network

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Wao that’s a big step, amazing

We need the incorporation of xDai to more exchanges, hopefully this will not remain an isolated event and more exchanges will include it.

It sounds intriguing and could become this sidechain, as a form of Ligthning network (LN) for bitcoin, an xDAI for DAI.

I think that a message or narrative from that approach, could for now even ETH 2.0, the best option for users who hit their pocket gas and for Nocoiners as well, if it is already difficult to get the ETH for gas, only with DAI in xDAI you pay your network fee without problems.

To give an example, yesterday I made a xDAI transfer and I paid 0.000121 xDAI in fees.

Also, check out the Burner Wallet. It’s perfect for non-tech people who never had a contact with crypto before: https://www.xdaichain.com/for-users/wallets/burner-wallet-2